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Welcome Back

Last week, around 140 people came to Mass. It is great to see you back and quite encouraging to observe people abiding by the rules. The 11.30am mass is still the most congested of all masses and perhaps you do well to reconsider attending another mass.

As we resume public worship, these are some rules we will need to follow:

  1. Please sanitise your hands when you arrive and wear a mask if at all possible. Keep a safe distance at all times.
  2. At this time, only the main body of the Church is available. No side chapels are accessible and the use of the toilet is not allowed.
  3. Please seat in any available space. It would be helpful if you do not seat by the aisle. Once in your space do not move till directed by the stewards.
  4. There will be no collection during mass. Please give your contribution as you leave the church or online (
  5. For communion, wait till the steward asks you to move. If you cannot queue, Fr Javier will come to you.
  6. Communion will be distributed only under one kind and on the hand.
  7. At the end, wait to be ushered by the steward. If you are on the pulpit side, leave through the main aisle and the main door; if you are on the font side, leave by the side aisle and the side door.
  8. If you want to stay praying or light up a candle, wait in your place. Only light the candle when people have cleared the area.
  9. Above all, be sensible, be aware of the people around you and respect them.

All of us need to adjust and due to the restriction in numbers we might need to close the doors of the Church if we reach full capacity. The obligation to go to Mass on Sunday has been lifted. A suggestion is to go to Mass during the week when the Churches are not as busy. On that topic, the times of weekday masses have now changed. Mass on Monday will be at 7am (due to my involvement with the Food Bank); mass on Tuesday and Wednesday will be at 9am and Mass on Friday at 12noon. There will not be a mass on Thursday (Guardian Angels, Mile End has a 9.30am mass on a Thursday). Masses during the weekend stay the same: Saturday 6pm; Sunday 9.30am; 11.30am an 6pm. I have also decided to move the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and Benediction to Friday at 11am. Confessions will be on Saturday at 5pm; Sundays between the morning masses and on call.

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