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Covid Guidelines 2022

Following the government’s decision that there will be a change in the protocols, the Bishop’s conference has sent a reassuring paper as to how we, as a Catholic Church Community, should proceed

  • Masks should still be worn while in the church. We should still sanitise.
  • Use of Hymn Books and Missals can begin.
  • No need for formal social distancing but please be sensitive to the needs of others around you.
  • The Sign of Peace can be reinstated, if you feel it is appropriate to do so.
  • Clergy and Lay Ministers can distribute Holy Communion. Hands should be washed before and after the distribution of Holy Communion.
  • Congregational singing can be done. You may / may not wear a mask. Please do whatever makes you comfortable.
  • Social activities can restart. Please adhere to the mask wearing and sanitising protocols.

In conclusion: The COVID 19 virus is still in circulation. We should still bear that in mind when we gather, taking personal responsibility for our safety and the well-being of those around us.

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