Easter 2022 Galleries

Thank You

To everyone who attended the Easter services, for those who helped in the preparation of the various Liturgies, those who cleaned the church, those helped with readings, ushering and for your financial support of your Priest. I pray Gods Blessings for our Parish family as we journey together during this Easter time.

Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday, we remember how Jesus entered Jerusalem, greeted by the crowds waving branches, and then listen to the Gospel of his Passion and Death.
We will distribute some Palm Crosses at all Masses and bless any greenery you may bring. We will have a procession in the parish. We will sing a hymn as you process along (i.e. “Sing Hosanna”). We will also carry palms.

Masses will be celebrated at 6pm Saturday, 9.30am; 11.30am (live broadcast) and 6pm Sunday.

Maundy Thursday

On this day, the Church celebrates three gifts:

1. The institution of the Eucharist;
2. The Institution of priesthood
3. The great commandment: “love one another” (mandatum). This is also the day Jesus washed the disciples’ feet, showing them the humble way Christians should love each other.

Mass of the Lord’s Supper will be celebrated at 8pm & 10:30pm will be Compline/Night Prayer

Good Friday

Good Friday is the day when Jesus was crucified, died and was buried. It is a day of fasting and abstinence. This means that we should not eat meat today and should only have one full meal (and two snacks). There is an exemption from this rule for pregnant or feeding mothers, children, the sick or elderly if they don’t feel they can do it.

We will have the Solemn Commemorations of Christ’s Passion at 3pm – We will venerate the Cross by bowing or kneeling but not kissing.
In addition to that service we will have two other services on Good Friday: 10am – Children’s service in the garden, the Stations of the Cross will be celebrated.
7pm – Stations of the Cross.

Holy Saturday

12 noon – If the blessing of the Easter food is part of your tradition, come for a blessing of the East- er foods. (Prayers can be found HERE)

At 8pm in the evening, the Easter Vigil will take place. There are four parts to the Vigil:
1. Liturgy of the Light
2. Liturgy of the Word: five readings will be read
3. Liturgy of Baptism: There will be 3 Baptisms, 1 Reception and 7 Confirmations and we will renew our baptismal promises before being sprinkled with the Easter water
4. Liturgy of the Eucharist.

Easter Sunday

If you bring your own bottle you can take some Easter water home. You could have your Easter fire in the evening.

Masses will be celebrated at 9.30am and 11.30am (to be broadcasted) There will be no Sunday Evening Mass on Easter Sunday.

Easter Monday

Easter Monday mass will be a 10am and Masses thereafter will revert to normal Mass times.

Walk with Me – Easter Booklets

An Easter Booklet is available to purchase from the Repository for £1 and there will also be a free Walk with Me Easter Children’s Calendar. Please see Fr Howard if you would like a copy.


Palms Needed

Ash Wednesday is 2nd March 2022. The Ashes come from the previous year’s blessed palms of Palm Sunday. Please bring any old palms and leave them in the sacristy by Friday 25th Feb 2022.

Ash Wednesday Mass

2nd March – There will be a 10am Mass and a 7pm Mass.


During Lent we will be collecting money in Aid of CAFOD, please give what you can.

Walk with Me – Prayer Books for Lent

Please help yourselves for the Walk with Me Lenten Prayer books which are FREE at the back of the Church. We also have a Calendar for the Children if you want one for your child please see Fr Howard.

Soup For Lent

We will be entering the season of Lent in the next few weeks.
You are invited to the St Catherine’s room after Mass on Fridays during Lent for a cup of soup and a roll. If you would like to attend, there will be a sign up sheet each week. Please put your name there. It will be a vegetable soup and I will be preparing it each week.

Bow Food Bank

The Bow Food Bank continues to need our support. The items for February are pasta and rice We will collect them and take them to the Food Bank after the 11.30am Mass at the end of the month. Volunteers are needed. For more information or if you want to vol- unteer, please check:

Our Lady of Lourdes

We have a statue dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes in the Garden behind Fr Howard’s house if you wish to go and pray.


Is celebrated Saturday 5pm. Otherwise please contact Fr Howard for an appointment.

Easter Offerings

Fr Howard’s salary is paid from the donations for Baptisms, Funerals, Weddings and Masses alongside the collections on Christmas and Easter day. The Sunday collection pays for the running of the parish. You can contribute to the Easter collection on the day, by using the envelope available from the table at the back of the Church or by using the Dona card machine or by donating online. You can also use the QR code. Please put Easter Offering in your reference. If you want to give a personal gift to Fr Howard, please put it in an envelope addressed to him.