16th February 2020 – Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Lent will be on our doorstep in a couple of weeks. As announced in the newsletter for the past few weeks we will have a missionary Lenten project this year while supporting Empowering Vulnerable Children — Uganda.
Since the beginning of January 2014 a great deal of hard work has been undertaken by a group of local people in Bedford, who are passionately committed to offering a better life to desperately poor and orphaned children in southern Uganda. This has been a response to the work of Father Boniface Kaayabula, a Ugandan Catholic priest belonging to the Diocese of Masaka. Fr Boniface has been seeking to offer a better future to some of the poorest children in the world since 1997 .

In this part of Southern Uganda many people have died from AIDS, cholera and malaria, in lots of cases leaving their children orphaned. Refugees from the war in Rwanda have contributed to the large numbers of needy people and children. These people often have no proper homes, only torn clothing, very little food and many suffer from debilitating illnesses at an early age.

The percentage of orphan children is very high. These children need the elementary rights of all human beings; food, clothing, warmth and love. In addition they need the opportunity of an education and this is our challenge. A child who receives a primary education in the developing world is 50% more likely to survive and flourish than one who does not have that opportunity.

Father Boniface has sought to provide many such children with a caring and loving environment, where education can take place and they can experience a happy childhood and have increased opportunities and hope for the future. The number of children needing this support is enormous; many hundreds, and these are just the ones we know about. The Charity is planning carefully in order to maximise the number of children we can help.

Our parish, in its 150th anniversary is supporting this Charity as our Lenten Appeal for 2020. On the weekend Judi Fawcett, a trustee, will give a talk at all the Masses about the work EVC does in providing real hope for the future through education for some of the poorest children in the world.

For further information please look at their website at www.evcuganda.org

Fr Javier

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