Easter 2022

We are very fortunate this year to be able to celebrate the Easter Triduum in the Church, even though we still have to be Covid conscious and aware.
The Covid restrictions of: face covering, social distancing and sanitising hands still prevail and I hope that we will continue to take them seriously.
There are a lot of things happening in the world and I ask that we use our time and prayers during this season, to remember places where there are fairly new conflicts and places where are on going conflicts for years.
Jesus came to bring peace. He asked us to love God and Our Neighbour. He gave His life for us and the greatest act of love. Let us always remember that as we journey with Him through the washing the disciple’s feet, to His Passion and Death the Resurrection.
I pray God’s continued blessing for you, your family and loved ones.
A Blessed and Holy Triduum to one and all!

Fr Howard

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